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15th Annual Katie Ride

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Many of you already know the story of Katie Caples for whom the event on Saturday April 13 2019 is named.  She was the child of dear friends who had an automobile accident at the age of 17.  Katie had elected to be an organ donor if she did not survive such an event.  Her parents honored her wish over 15 years ago and started what is now a combined run, walk and ride on Amelia Island, Florida.  The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville is a sponsor of the event along with multiple others in that locality.  Katie gifted organs to five people and almost 50 received tissue donations.  Over the years the foundation has reached out to educate high school and college students about organ donation.  This year the scope of outreach has expanded to brain aneurysm patients who will not survive their misfortune.  Families of these patients are often not aware that their loved one could be a candidate to extend the lives of others.  If this resonates with you as a parent, a sibling or a caring humanitarian please visit the website for Katie Ride for Life and offer whatever you can to continue this miracle that medical science can provide to those in need of organ or tissue transplant.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity.


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