Ashley Pratt

Team Captain Team Mayo Clinic 13th Annual Katie Ride

My baby sister Morgan Patricia
Crofton was killed in an tragic automobile accident on September 23rd
2010.  On her drivers license she made the choice to sign up as an
organ donor and we later found out that her corneas were used and
Morgan gave the gift of sight to two people, as well as her skin and
tissue.  There is a possibility her tibia, bone graph and Heart valves
will be used as well. For those of us that know Morgan and the person
she was, she was the most kind and compassionate person who always was
the first to help others.  She is now helping more and more people
today because she made the choice to be an organ donor.
 Although this is very tragic it is comforting knowing
that people have benefited because she was an organ and tissue donor.
Morgan has now made an impact on others lives as she has done before.
Please help me raise funds in Honor of Morgan, other donors and their donor families and individuals waiting for an organ transplant. Any $$ amount helps!


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