Those who know me realize that I'm not exactly the most athletic guy around.  In fact, I'm more "around" than I am "athletic."  Regardless, on April 16th I'm going to get on my bike and pedal 34 miles in support of a local foundation with a great cause.  I'll be joined by nearly 1,000 other cyclists, most of whom will ride faster and farther than I will.  

Fortunately for me, this isn't about winning. It's about fundraising to help save lives by increasing the number of registered organ donors.  By supporting a participant, you're contributing to the Katie Caples Foundation - local people who have dedicated years to this cause, saving many lives through their efforts.  If you're not familiar with this foundation, please take a few minutes to explore this site or the following link to learn about Katie and what she has inspired.   

Be careful with the video on that page - it's a moving story, especially for those of us who have daughters.

Thanks for helping me to support this great cause! 



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