Although only 17, Katie Caples touched more people than most do in a lifetime. Her ultimate act of generosity was the decision to become an organ donor. A decision that would save lives – literally. Katie was driving home on April 18, 1998 from a March of Dimes walk in Jacksonville when she was struck on the driver side of her SUV and killed. She provided the gift of life to five recipients (age 9 to 62) and enhanced the lives of dozens more because of her decision to be an organ donor.

The Katie Caples Foundation was formed in 1998 following the death of Katie Caples. The Foundation is committed to increasing the number of registered organ donors and eliminating the wait for the nearly 122,000 adults and children currently in need of a life-saving organ transplant.  The Katie Caples Foundation is a recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in Florida. Tax ID: 59-3580838


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Katie Caples Foundation
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